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Poetry! Are you out of your feckin mind!

Welcome to my first Blog post on an all-new website.

After having spent the last two years writing corporate nonsense about fire extinguishers and women's clothing I'm delighted to do something I enjoy. Yes, we all have to pay the bills but somewhere along the line you have to deep dive into what makes you happy.

For me, I need to go to bed at night knowing that there is something that I have added to the world that day. It could be anything from a great piece of film editing to cooking a good meal. Something somewhere has to exist that shows my footprint in the sand. A day without that outlet is a bad day and recently I think I've been missing out.

So - what is it that came up first?


Yep, I'm with you on this one. What the fuck! Poetry? That really isn't me. Oh, I've dabbled over the years when something had to come out and next thing I know it rhymes or has some sort of poetic symmetry to it but really, poetry? I thought I was more emmmm, how shall I put it? Masculine? Yep, I guess.

Well, poetry is what came out. And I'm enjoying it. The reason being that I have the facility to write and perform. I love editing - video and audio - and the acting thing gives me a chance to record my version.

So the idea behind this series - yep, it's a series but give me a chance here - the idea is to pick two good poems by established poets and add one of my own. That puts me in good company and forces a bar I need to reach.

The key to the series is the topics. First off is sleep - because it allows me to choose poems that are uneventful - no car chases, no meaning-of-life conclusions, nothing to keep you awake. Plus, I get to do an intimate performance. Like I was beside you, sharing your pillow. Don't be worried, it's a visual image that helps the performance - I'm not coming round to your house, although I might if you invite me - leave it in the comments, I'm open to adventure.

As I have a mischievous mind and I'm setting out to entertain, the others include 3 Poems to make you SCARED, and 3 Poems to help you COOK. You can play them straight off Facebook, you'll find them on my YouTube Channel and you can even download an MP3. Pretty cool eh?

This is all free - what I would like you to do is comment and share. And I'm cool if you say

'Poetry! What the Fuck!'

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Keith Charlton
Keith Charlton
Oct 21, 2019

Spot on Ben, I got as far as " read by Ben Keaton" and I was sparked out. K


Feckin’ brilliant, Ben.

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